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Question: What's the first thing I should do if I'm in an accident?
Answer: Assess the situation and ALWAYS stay calm. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately for help.

Question: Should I call the Police?
Answer: Yes, calling the police is critical even if no one is seriously injured, but getting a report on file is very important.

Question: Under any circumstances should I leave the scene of an accident?
Answer: Absolutly NOT. Never leave the scene of the accident under any circumstances.

Question: Should I move my vehicle for any reason?
Answer: Only move your vehicle if its position puts you in danger, or you are instructed to do so by a police officer.

Question: What type of information should I gather during the process?
Answer: Gather important information from the other driver if possible such as:
Name, Address, Phone, Driver License # State, Date it Expires, Date of Birth, License Plate Number VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number) Their Policy Number and General Description of Damage to their vehicle. Also, any witness information as well.

Question: How do I Choose/Select a Collision Company?
Answer: It’s your SOLE right to choose where to have the repairs done for your vehicle, NOT your insurance company's choice.
* You may opt for repairs at a dealer or independent body shop.
* Your insurance company and Body Shop must agree on your repairs, so stay involved in the process and ask questions.

Question: What should I expect when it comes to getting my vehicle repaired?
Answer: It is also your right to have your vehicle restored to pre-accident condition.
Only OEM (Original Manufacturer) parts can do this.
* You may insist on replacement parts from the manufacturer
* Check your insurance policy now for OEM parts usage.
* Many insurance policies limit compensation for collision repair by specifying aftermarket parts.
* If another party’s insurance company is responsible for the repairs, you are NOT obligated to accept their repair valuation.
* You control the repair and parts choices, so insist on OEM parts!

Question: Do you do scratch and dent repair?
Answer: Hail damage – paintless dent repair Yes. In fact, we can often remove small dents with a process which involves no painting, no major replacements, and is substantially lower cost than traditional repair and replacement of parts. This is a great way to clean up some of the dings and dents you have and give your car a little facelift. Give us a call for details (215)822-8810.

Question: Do you use factory parts for my repair?
Answer: Wherever possible, we use genuine factory parts to repair your vehicle. There are, however, times where factory parts have been discontinued, and in those cases, we use high-end compatible parts to ensure that your vehicle looks the way it did before your accident.

How long does it take to get my car fixed?
Answer: Repair time varies from car to car, depending on the extent of the damage done to the vehicle. When your vehicle comes in for repair, we begin the process within 24 hours to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Question: My car was totaled. Who made the decision to total it?
Answer: Your insurance company makes that decision. When the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the value of the vehicle, the car is considered a total loss and the insurance company issues a check for the value of the car minus any deductibles if applicable.

Question: My car was towed to someone else’ facility. What do I do?
Answer: Call us immediately and we’ll get the car for you.

Question: Where can I get a rental car?
Answer: We can provide you with a rental car on site. If you have rental insurance, we’ll handle the payments as well.

Question: Who handles the insurance questions?
Answer: We do. We will take care of everything you need from the time you have the accident to the final delivery of your vehicle.

Question: Who pays my insurance deductible?
Answer: Without getting into insurance law and fraud issues – the insurance deductible is paid by the consumer. In the case where your insurance is paying the claim, you pay the deductible. In the case where the other party’s insurance is paying the claim, you aren’t responsible for the deductible.

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